My first QTH was in a block of flats, about 13m high ferroconcrete building. Antenna fixing points were restricted to this building, a few trees and a house near-by. The first antenna was a 36m end fed long wire, later changed to the VS1AA off-centre-fed. This gave reasonable results on the low bands.
For the higher bands I was lucky enough to have the antenna playground on the 13m high flat roof where I could build ground planes for 21 and 28 MHz, 3/4 wave sloper for 14 MHz and also an HB9CV wire beam, fixed to North America.
This was a great antenna which helped me to many nice DX QSOs. I remember the early mornings on 20m in 1979/80 when a number of West coast US, KH6 and KL7 stations came back to my CQ DX and could not believe I was only running 30W output.
My wire HB9CV was described in Sprat as follows:

I moved QTH in 1981 to a smaller house and from then my shack was for over 12 years located in a basement room. At the beginning I only kept my antennas within the space of the garden and rather low, under 9m. The configuration of the restricted space antennas for all bands was described in another Sprat article:

I kept the antennas low for a year or so, (in fact to fulfil the condition of a long term G-QRP Club operating competition which limited the antenna type and height). To my disappointment the award was finally issued to a W3 who used a high 3el. beam :-(
Never mind, lesson learned.
I soon built a horizontal loop 20x20m, about 9m above ground, fed in one of its corners. Tested it in both closed loop and open configuration (like a short rhombic). Both worked quite well on all bands, however this antenna used trees as supports and only 1mm copper wire so the wind soon destroyed it. Another lesson learned.
I quickly forgot about restricted size and height antennas and fully used the space of the garden of about 25 x 35m. In 1986 a wooden mast was erected on the roof and a 6 band Inverted V was built for 160-10m with the apex at 16m. This antenna survived for 8 years when it was replaced by a tilted full size 80m Delta loop, fed 6.8m from the bottom corner for the low angle radiation with prevailing vertical polarization. This loop was a good DX radiator on 80 and 40m bands.
Later my first home made beam, the Double-D (described by G3LDO) for 21 MHz was erected on the balcony. It was hand rotated.
And a 2 el. wire beam (W8JK) for 7/10/14 MHz between the roofs of two neighboring houses. This antenna was fed with an open wire feeded and a relay switching system allowed its use as a kind of top loaded vertical against the ground.

A different 21 MHz mini beam of my own design and an 8el. 2m Yagi were built and put on a small rotator on the roof.
Then a 2el. 28 MHz G4ZU Bird's cage Quad was added above it in 1999 .

Antenna experiments were going on, 80m long Windom OCF for LF bands was added. Beams replaced by Cushcraft MA-5B and later by a 2 el. tribander by ECO (a kind of a trapped Moxon).
And finally, no more traps and mini beams, the full size 3el. SteppIR goes to the roof.
At my other QTH I built a 160m vertical:
Top band 24m vertical 2007-2009
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